As can be expected, the Foundation’s objective and philosophy of the project would not be complete without a section dedicated to boatyards, workshops and professionals that are devoted to maintaining, restoring and even building replicas of classic boats. Here we will provide information about all industries and professionals related to the maintenance of classic boats throughout national territory, thus enabling us to fulfil another of the foundation’s objectives: help boat-owners with the maintenance of their boats.

We will start with our boatyard: the Foundation’s Boat Maintenance Division, based in Puerto Sherry, although we can also rely on the services of Astilleros de Mallorca, Astilleros Lagos in Galicia, Mestres de D’Aixa in Tarragona, etc. A long list that fills us with pride, of which we will publish the companies’ names, their details and achievements, to make them known to the whole sector.


The Maintenance Division was created in the Foundation’s registered office, Puerto Sherry and its excellent facilities, with basically two objectives:

Create a shipwright training centre in collaboration with the training centres in the Bay of Cádiz and the province.

Search for a strong and stable source of business funding for the Foundation.

This Division is able to work with all kinds of recreational boats (sail and engine), acting in the same way as any other within the industries that provide their services in Puerto Sherry, but offering a specialised service in a different sector.

At present, the Division is staffed by four people and they perform the following jobs:

Five-yearly inspection of Gipsy

Inspection and ordinary maintenance of Giraldilla

Refitting of Mephisto

Restoration of Livia