PODCAST | Tripulante 18 by Jaume Soler

In Jaume Soler’s podcast, Tripulante 18, he is visited by the President of the Fundación Vela Clásica de España, Valle de la Riva. They also went to the Costa Brava, to the Classic Sailing Regatta Costa Brava, organised by the Club Nautico L’Estartit, sponsored by Gipsy 1927 and the Foundation.

‘The idea occurred to us when we were talking one day. We were worried about what will happen when we’ve gone. What would happen to the classic vessels? We were scared about the boats’ continuity’, explained Valle de la Riva.

I recommend listening to podcast no. 42 – ‘It’s time for the classics’.

Podcast Tripulante 18. Valle de la Riva. FVCE. Fundación Vela Clásica de España