PODCAST | Tripulante 18 by Jaume Soler

In programme no. 43 of Tripulante 18, Jaume Soler talks about Elanco’s arrival in Cádiz after sailing around the world for the 93rd time. A very interesting programme titled ‘Elcano and her sister’. Yes, that’s right, the programme is about Elcano and her little sister, our beloved Gipsy.

Petete Rubio, Vice-president of the Foundation and the owner of Gipsy, tells the story of these sisters.

The Juan Sebastian Elcano is number 15 and Gipsy is number 16 of the Echevarrieta y Larrinaga shipyard in Cádiz. (11.40 minutes)

Petete Rubio

Classic sailing enthusiasts, you can’t miss this programme.