Regulations on Historic Boats and Vessels

The Fundación Vela Clásica de España would like to remind you of the new regulations, in which the Asociación Española de Barcos de Época y Clásicos has actively participated to benefit the classic boats that this foundation loves so much. The regulations are waiting to be approved by the government, from June 2021 onwards.

Below are the most significant points:

1. Creation of a Spanish register of boats of historic interest, with ad hoc definitions for classic and vintage boats. It could be important for future legislation.

2. Institutional cooperation between the DGMM and associations that promote Spanish maritime heritage. The AEBEC is included with a very high level of recognition.

3. Simplified clearance for historic boats (it is not required for non-professional vessels).

4. Special flag for classic and vintage boats, which would be the old flag used by the Federación Española de Clubs Náuticos, ‘with the crown in its colours and an inclined anchor in the top angle to the pole’.

5. The position, form of attachment and material of identifying elements (namely, the boats’ registration number) will be determined by the DGMM and public authorities of the Autonomous Regions in charge of protecting maritime heritage. Hopefully this could mean that it won’t be compulsory to stick the registration on the hull.

6. The duration of the technical inspection of pleasure craft (ITB) of wooden hulls is extended to three years. Inspections performed by the Maritime Authority will not imply the payment of any fee.

7. Historic boats and vessels will have discounts on port charges and tax benefits that are established by law.

8. Classic and vintage boats will not be subject to any control on international voyages, unlike boats and vessels owned by museums and associations, which will be subject to control.

With all these new features and the publication of the National Classic Boat regattas calendar, we can only feel delighted about this promising, yet challenging year ahead of us.