Tuchi is a canoe built in Michigan (USA) by Chris Craft, one of the oldest and most prestigious boatbuilders in the United States. The model is a runabout ‘barrel back’ from 1957, built entirely of mahogany with hull number 2122. She has a length of 17 feet and was originally powered by a Chrysler engine of 150 hp.

In 1958 Tuchi was shipped from New York, in the United States, to Santander by the same family that owns the vessel today. During the 50s, 60s and 70s she sailed around the Bay of Santander and she was often seen pulling as many as five water skiers, who were having fun with the bay’s good water-skiing conditions. It was also common to see her alongside the barge that was likewise owned by the same family.

In the 80s and 90s, the family stopped using Tuchi and left her abandoned in an industrial unit. In 2003, Yates & Cosas, in Santander, performed restoration work on her and in 2006, they fitted a powerful General Motors engine of 265 hp.

Tuchi became the tender of the classic boat, Gipsy, in Mediterranean regattas. In 2008 she was fully restored in the prestigious boatbuilders in Cartagena, Astilleros Navaltinoc, and once again she was seen sailing around the Mediterranean, accompanying Gipsy in her regattas. In 2016, Tuchi returned to Santander and sailing around the bay and in 2018, she went back to Yates y Cosas, where they incorporated sone original details, such as the bow light and windscreen.

At present Tuchi is in Santander and still belongs to the third generation of the family.

Type: Chris Craft
Builder: Chris-Craft